Foundation Launches Flag Preservation Initiative

The Mississippi Department of Archives and History has the most extensive Mississippi artifact collection in the world, and some of the more remarkable items are the historic flags and banners. The Foundation for Mississippi History and MDAH are introducing the Flag Preservation Initiative in order to create greater awareness of the department’s substantial collection of flags and banners, specifically those in dire need of preservation.

The first flag in need of conservation is one of the department’s most valuable – the Twenty-Star United States flag. This flag represents the state’s admission into the Union on December 10, 1817. Because of its condition, the flag can rarely be handled and it cannot be displayed in any public setting. It will take nearly $50,000 to conserve it and prepare it for travel around the state in celebration of the Mississippi Bicentennial in 2017. The flag will eventually be on permanent exhibit in the Museum of Mississippi History.

In appreciation for the much-needed support, the Foundation will offer online quarterly articles about the most interesting flags in the MDAH collection. These articles, written by noted Mississippi vexillologist Clay Moss, will not be available to the general public but only to annual Flag Preservation Initiative donors of $25 or more. The articles will inform supporters about flags in need of conservation as well as those in the collection that have recently been restored. Supporters will also be encouraged to share opinions and ideas relative to the MDAH flag collection.

Although the Twenty-Star flag is the most pressing need, the Flag Preservation Initiative will not end with its conservation. The goal is to continue raising funds specifically for flag conservation and to continue providing the quarterly online articles to all FPI supporters.

If you are interested in making a contribution to the Foundation’s Flag Preservation Initiative, please click on the Donate! link at the top of the page and note that your contribution is in support of the Flag Preservation Initiative.


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